Tea and Coffee Choices


Pot of tea for 1 – 2,20€     Pot of Tea for 2 – 3,80€



Fruit and Herbal Teas

Raspberry and Pomegranate            Raspberry and Strawberry

Blackberry and Blueberry                     Forest Fruits

Red Fruits    Exotic     Chamomile


Green Teas

Natural   Lemon   Mint    Mandarin and Orange


 Black Tea 

Orange and Cinamon   Earl Grey (with Bergamot)   Darjeeling

Yorkshire Tea   Russian Earl Grey (with Bergamot and lemon)

Lady Grey (with Bergamot and Citrus)


Speciality Teas

Lapsang Souchong - mellow with smoky tones

Rooibas - Organic, caffeine free red bush tea

Spicy Chai - warming with Indian spices


Taylors of Harrogate

Rose Lemonade  Peppermint Leaf   Green Tea with Delicate Pear

Green Tea with Strawberry and Vanilla

Green Tea with Grapefruit and Lime

Sweet Rhubarb




All our coffees are made with freshly ground Lavazza coffee beans


Flat White with Milk - 2.00 euros

Latte with a splash of steamed and foamed milk - 2.00 euros

Cappuccino with steamed and foamed milk - 2.00 euros

Grande Creme with steamed, foamed milk and cream - 2.00 euros

Espresso without milk and strong - 1.30 euros

Double Espresso without milk and strong - 1.80 euros

Noisette espresso with a dash of steamed milk - 1.30 euros

Short Macchiato  espresso with steamed milk - 2.00 euros

Long Macchiato   double esspresso with steamed milk - 2.50 euros

Americano  without milk, strong and extra hot water - 1.80 euros

Hot Chocolate with steamed foamed milk - 2.50 euros



Cold Drinks Available

Milkshake – 2,50€

Cordial – 1,20€

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