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  Laying in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains, Castelnau Magnoac Is a small but quaint market town steeped in history with a weekly Saturday 

  market, boulongerie, bank, la poste, tabac etc...








Castelnau Magnoac is a small town enjoying lots of activities, weekly Saturday market, shops etc.

There is a post office, bank, tabac, pharmacie, boulangerie, etc.  Plenty of parking on the market square.  



The Hotel Dupont one of the main buildings in the town, sadly now closed as a hotel but still an imposing part of the town.



Beautiful view of the Pyrenees mountains.

We are ideally located  and on the main road travelling south to the mountains, ideal for a stop off for lunch or a lovely slice of homemade cake and tea




Beautiful fields of sunflowers, vibrant yellow through the summer months




VIews over the lake at Castelnau Magnoac

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