History of the Teapot

The Magical Teapot as it was formerly known was bought by ourselves in the summer of 2014 in the Scottish Borders village of Lilliesleaf.

​It was constructed by a local Scottish Borders Artist Mr Ian Hunter who originally made it for keeping his wood dry which he used for making sculptures.  Mr Hunter had made the original wood store and over time decided that it would look good with a spout and handle - and so the teapot was born !


​It became famous around the world when it was entered into the "Shed of the Year" competition and was amongst the finalists last year.  It became internationally known as the Magical Teapot and was soon being talked about from Scotland to as far afield as Australia.


​We had it dismantled, carefully numbered and photographed before having it transported to the village of Castelnau Magnoac in the South West of France.  The idea of opening an English vintage Tea Room in France was inspired by our love of all things traditional, beautiful china, homemade cakes and luxurious clotted cream. 

We hope that you enjoy our little teapot and the ideas that we have for it.  We hope that you will share the story with your friends and families and maybe visit us soon.


Thank you for visiting our page and a very special thank you to all who have been involved in this project and supported us over the last year.


​Time for Tea !



welcome to our teapot tea room

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