Worlds biggest tea cosy challenge 2016

                             Welcome to our Tea Cosy Challenge here at the Teapot


What we are aiming to do is knit squares to make a great big tea cosy for our Teapot Tea Room


We have had an amazing response to this, and received so many sqaures from people from all around the world :- England,  Australia, New Zealand, America, Scotland, Germany, France .....


What we are going to do, when we have enough squares to make the tea cosy, we will hold a special Tea Party event to show the tea cosy off, to raise money we will then deconstruct the squares into blankets to be sold and raise money for two charities that are close to my heart....Great Ormond Street Hospital for children in London and Association Dominique in Toulouse, France.  Both charities do an amazing job in caring and looking after children who need special care.


If you are able to donate some wool or some time to knit some squares we would love to hear from you.. 

We try to meet often to sew squares together and you can follow our progress on here or on facebook for all the latest news.  Below you will see some of the squares donated and the lovely ladies who often come to out tea cosy sessions....Thank you to everyone so far for all their support, we have had such an amazing response and please help us to achieve this and raise some money for these children.


You can donate on our Just Giving page if you cannot knit or donate wool but would like to contribute in some way.   Many thanks again.  Tina and Team Teapot 






SAVE THE DATE........Sunday 8th October 2017


We have now settled on the above date to be the finish date of the tea cosy challenge, we are organising an Afternoon Tea Event to celebrate and raise more funds for the two very worthwhile charities that we have supported so far.


Great Ormond Street Hospital in London and Association Dominique in Toulouse.  If  you would like more details on coming to this event please message or email us at


We plan to have craft stalls also, so if you would like to have a stalll to sell your items, we are not charging for the space but would like a donation and a prize towards the raffle.


So, now we have a lot of work to complete the cosy in time for the big reveal !!


Follow us on facebook or on here for further details


Many many thanks again for all our supporters, we certainly couldn't have got this far without you all xx







This is the fantastic knitted "Tea in the Teapot" panel given to me by Julie Payton....what a wonderful surprise that was for me.

Great work Julie and many thanks again for all your support in what we

There is a knitting group from Sunbury called H & H Knitting Group, every month they have been sending us squares....amazing group of ladies and thank you again so much for your continued support.

Please see below photos of just a few of the squares they have sent us... xx





Pauline and Judith travelled all the way from Australia to France and delivered the most amazing squares to us...See below the photos


Thank you to you both for these beautiful squares showing us all things Australian....xx





This is the lovely lady Joan who was recently in France

and wanted to take part, lovely squares received from her too..


Thank you Joan xx


welcome to our teapot tea room

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